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Collection of Humor
  • The Potato Joke
  • Three Dead Guys
  • The Gambling Lady
  • The New Priest
  • Beer versus Jesus
  • The Definition of Politics
  • Clean Sex and Dirty Food
  • Lent, A Catholic Holiday
  • The Italian Who Went To Malta
  • Reasons To Date An Engineer
  • Computer Guys Are Sex Symbols
  • The Baked Bean Story
  • Company Decisions
  • Tinbucktoo
  • Wink Wink
  • The Pope Is Coming
  • The Gift
  • The Twin Brothers

    Collection of Comics
  • Favorite F a r S i d e s
  • Favorite D i l b e r t s
  • Favorite Miscellaneous Strips

    Random Jokes of the Day
  • Random Joke 1
  • Random Joke 2

    Technical Jokes
  • Evolution of a Programmer
  • The Toaster Story