Out in Vegas, a few years back was the national finals poetry contest.
It all came down to two men. The first man was a fancy city lawyer and
the second man was truck driver out of Texas.  The way the contest
worked was that the judge would give the two men a word and they had
30 seconds to come up with a poem using that word.  After the truck
driver was put into the sound proof booth the judge gave the word to the
lawyer.  Your word he said was tinbucktoo.  A few seconds went by and
the lawyer said OK i got it. His poem went something like this:

    Across the burning desert sand
    moved the sultan's caravan.
    marching onward two by two
    on their way to tinbucktoo.

The crowd went wild.  Next they brought out the trucker and told him his
word was tinbucktoo.  "Whats a tinbucktoo?" he asked.  The judge proptly
informed him that the definition of the word could not be told to him and
he was only to make up a poem using that word.  Ten seconds went by then
twenty then twenty five "I got it!" he said.  His poem went something
like this:

   Tim and I a hunting went.
   We came upon three maindens in a tent.
   Since they were three and we were two
   I bucked one and Timbuckedtwo.