Company Decisions

Dave was the vice-president of ACME inc. One day the president, 
Mr. Smith called him into his office. He told Dave that they had 
to make some cutbacks and either Jack or Barb would have to be 
laid off.

Dave looked at mr Smith and said, "Barb is my best worker, but 
Jack has a wife and three kids. I don't know who to fire."

"I'll tell you what to do. Fire the first one of them who comes 
in to work tommorrow" Mr. Smith replied.

The next morning Dave waited for either Jack or Barb to show up. 
Barb was the first to arrive. Dave said to her, 
"Barb I've got a problem."

"Really? What's wrong?" Barb replied.

"Well you see, I've got to lay you or Jack off and I don't know 
what to do?"

Barb replied, "Jack off! I've got a headache."