This is Random Joke Number 014


A man had just arrived at the hospital to pick up his best freind who was being treated for a golfing accident. Confused, the man approached his friend to ask what exactly happened while he was playing golf that could cause him to be sent to the hospital. "Well, " says the friend, "It wasn't exactly a golf accident. See, this is what happened.: I was out playing a few rounds of golf with my cousin Fred. When we approached the eigth hole I tee'd up and got ready for my shot. Things were looking pretty good and it felt like I was just about to catch up with him. Well, it turns our that I misjudged my swing and ended up hitting the ball across a fence and into a farmers field. Naturally, it was only fair that I play the ball from where it landed so I went across the field and started looking for it. When I was in the field I was surprised at the number of golf balls that i found. Unfortunatly none of them were mine. You see, all i was finding were standard white balls and I had been using a bright red one so it would be easier to spot. Just when i had just about given up I looked through some shrub and saw a cow standing there with a really funny look on his face. Well, as cows often do, it swung it's tail up to swat away some flies and right there, stuck in the middle of it's ass was a golf ball! Excited I ran over to take a better look, but alas, this was a green ball and like I said...i was looking for a red one." "Well, I had given up and was heading back to the course when a woman came across the fence with the same expression I had earlier. I asked her if she had lost a golf ball too and of course she said yes! She said it was a brightly colored one....very easy to spot. Figuring I would be of assistance I took the woman to where i had seen the cow a few minutes earlier. I lifted up the cow's tail and said to the woman..."Does this look like yours?" She promptly shoved her gold club down my throat which is why they had to rush me to the hospital!
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