Top Ten Reasons to Date an Engineer

  1. We don't have lives. 

  2. We are grateful for being able to go out at all. 

  3. The lack of great-looking women at the workplace 
     makes you look even better to us. 

  4. Find out what all those other buttons on your 
     calculator do. 

  5. Since we don't know how to deal with people, you 
     can walk all over us. 

  6. We mostly keep our opinions to ourselves, unless 
     you ask, "Who is better, James T. Kirk or 
     Jean-Luc Picard?" 

  7. Even those of us who like sports would prefer to 
     be playing with you instead. 

  8. We're smart enough to discover ways to achieve 
     simultaneous orgasms. 

  9. You won't be the one who gets dumped. (see #2) 

 10. All of our methods have been scientifically