Three Dead Guys

Okay, there were three guys who just died. They are standing 
outside the gates of heaven, and well lots of people have been 
dying recently, and the gate keeper couldn't let them all in. 

So the gate keeper decided that whoever had the worst and most 
tragic death would be allowed admittance. 

The first guy starts:  "I came home from work one evening to my 
apartment and I couldn't find my wife. I heard her in the shower 
and I've been suspecting that she was having an affair with some 
other man.  I was convinced that he was still in the apartment 
hiding some where, so I went looking for him.  I couldn't find 
him anywhere until finally I went out on the balcony.  And there 
I saw a man hanging over the edge and hanging on for dear life.  
So I stomped on his fingers.  That didn't work.  I tried prying 
them off, and that didn't work.  I went inside and came out with 
a knife.  Finally he fell.  But he landed in a bush and didn't 
die.  So I went back in the apartment and came out with my 
refridgerator.  And I dropped it on him, and he died.  I couldn't 
live with the fact that my wife no longer loves me and I started 
feeling guilty.  So I took out my gun and shot myself.  That is 
how I died."  

The second guys starts: "ok imagine this you are washing windows 
at a local apartment building when you slip and fall.  You think 
you are doomed, but then you catch yourself on a ledge.  Then 
this guy comes out of his apartment, and instead of helping me he 
tries to make me fall.  He finally cuts my fingers off, and I 
fall. Then I wake up in a bush and say 'WOW! I am still alive.' 
Just in enough time to realize that the man is dropping a 
refridgerator on me. Then I died."   

"Ok," says the third man. "imagine this......    

you are having an affair with this guys wife.....

the guy comes home.....  

and you hide in the refrigerator...."