Lent, A Catholic Holiday

So sometime in January, a Catholic guy marries a non-Catholic girl.  
Things are going well, as they always do at first, and like all 
young couples very much in love, the two are going at it like bunnies 

Well, this goes on for about two months when she comes home late 
from work one Wednesday night, looking forward to another night of 
intimacy.  But she walks in and finds him making up the sofa as a bed.

"What's going on"? she asks.
"Nothing," he replies, "I'm just going to be sleeping on the couch."
"What's the matter?  Are you upset because I had to work late"? she asks.
"No, no," he says.
"Did I say something to offend you"? she asks.
"Of course not," he says.
"Well, did I do something wrong"? she persists.
"No, it's nothing like that.  It's just that it's Lent."
She pauses on this, then says, "That's ridiculous.  
       To who and for how long"?