Wink Wink

A man goes for a job interview, and as the boss is interviewing him 
the man keeps winking. The boss tells the man he has all the credentials 
for the job, but asks why he keeps blinking all the time. 

The man says it is just a nervous complaint, but its nothing that an 
asprin wont fix. The man reaches into his pocket to grab an asprin but 
instead pulls out a blue condom. He reaches in again and this time pulls 
out a red condom, he puts his hand in again and pulls out a yellow 
condom, he puts his hand further down into his pocket and pulls out some 
flavoured condoms, and finally at the bottom of his pocket he finds the 
asprin. He pops the asprin in his mouth, and says "There all cured"! 

The boss then tells the man that there is one more factor that may 
prevent him from getting the job. The boss tells the man he doesn't want 
his new employee to be a womaniser as there are a lot of young decent 
woman working in the upstairs office. 

The man proceeds to tell the boss he is not one of those sort of people.

The boss said well how do you explain all those condoms that came out
of your pocket?

The man said "Thats easy", every time I go to the chemist to get some
asprins I walk up to the counter and say,
"Excuse me I would like a packet of asprins please". (Wink Wink)!