Some Corrections
Ronald (
Wed Dec 3, 1997 at 12:29AM


I want to make some clarifications on Chris's story of
my home page and the wall...

First, my homepage was never hosted at Erol's.
It was orginially on the University of Virginia's
faraday machine.

Second, My homepage is still on the Erol's Cool Site
list. They just need to update their current link
(because it is still pointing to my UVA address)

If you came from my UVA link that was a link from
another page... PLEASE PLEASE email the owner of that
page to update his link. Erol's webmaster seems to
be very lazy about updating the cool site list.
(I've been emailing them a couple of times now and
they still haven't update that list)

If you folks get a chance please email
or whatever their address is to inform them of my
new homepage address. I would really appreciate it.