Rrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arliss P. Sludge (
Sat Nov 8, 1997 at 9:02PM

Well.....HELL-O Said the Angel!!! <G> 

Arliss hadn't seen or heard from YOU in such a Loooooong time,
she was worried you might Be DEAD! Mercy....Imagine HER surprise
to find that you were hiding out over here on THIS "Corner"
of The Wall! Well, she'll be the first to tell you, she is just
Pleased As Punch to discover Rrr ALIVE and (she HOPES) WELL!'s just lay our cards out on the table...

Arliss KNOWS that it was *really* ARLISS who was G-O-N-E and
maybe D-E-A-D, but she forgives Rrr for mentioning that anyway.

Just don't let it happen again.....Thanks. <s>

Sending ALL my WALL Friends a GREAT BIG CYBER-HUG and Wishing
Everyone Happiness and Peace.......Always.

Also asking you ALL to keep us in your prayers here. Arliss'
Mom isn't doing well. She broke her hip less than two weeks ago
and is down to only 95 pounds. She's in the rehabilitation hospital
and has a REALLY Hard Struggle ahead of her if she is going to be
able to make it back from this one. So....ALL prayers and Good

So....from Arliss (the Redheaded one!) Thanks and God Bless you ALL.

With Warm Smiles.....and a Wink! <s>