The Story of The New Wall (scrolling not required)
Christopher W. Thomas (
Tues Oct 14, 1997 at 11:32AM

The Story of The New Wall ....

Back in 1996, Ronald Trang began this project with a little bit of web space
and a lot of brilliant ideas. A perusal of the many pages of games, graphics
and works contained within this site will attest to this. It is a masterly job of
inventiveness, and a clear stroke of genius. All who visit here will find this so.

When I first visited - on March 3rd, 1997 ... I was dumbfounded! The sheer genius
behind all of it showed in everything Ronald had touched. ... Being a poet -
I was particularly interested in both Ronald's poetic work and everything which
had been posted on "The Wall" - now known as Old Walls Number 1 thru 7.

I became a constant visitor in the following months, and - eventually - posted
close to 300 works of my own - first - just sayings of mine, and a scattering of
free-form verse on Old Wall Number 6, and then 7.

On March 16th, seeing my constant visits and additions - Ronald chose to initiate
The New Wall - which was designed to set the scene for the more serious work
myself (and others) chose to post - instead of the graffiti which The Old Wall
seemed to attract.

During the following months - The New Wall attracted many visitors,
and eventually caused posting problems. The original server was
overwhelmed with the space demands needed to keep it going,
and it soon became apparent both myself, and - eventually,
Ronald too - were no longer welcome.

In the month of July, therefore - I initiated my own site -
The Tristram Home Page, and proceeded to write my work there.

I also posted about a dozen of my works as audio clips, as well as text.
Unfortunately, these "broke the bank" as-it-were, and so it became
necessary for me to withdraw my audio renditions.

This caused me to lose interest in maintaining my own site,
and I started to look around for another place to post my work.
During the month of August, Ronald - feeling the same pressure
I had experienced, had chosen to change his Internet Service Provider,
and rerouted everyone from his old site at Erols to a new one at Naweb.

Following this, he then wrote me a very nice letter informing me of his move
and asking me to "come back to the fold" as-it-were. I visited once or twice,
as can be seen by my posts, but found the new workings to be unsatisfactory,
and the climate not entirely comfortable. Also, The Book of Writers filter took me
away from the collective pool of The New Wall's many visitors. Although I did
come back from time to time - I was not entirely comfortable.

The filters which tended to send humorists in one direction (to the Joke Wall)
chatters in yet another direction (to the Chatting Wall) and writers in yet another
direction (to the Book of Writers) divided us, and many of us wondered now why
The New Wall even needed to be there still if we were all being routed in different
directions. Basically, The New Wall had become a dinosaur of the past, and only
there as a reminder of how we all got to be where we are now.

Interest waned, and the constant stream of visitors diminished - in part as many
had gone on to other things (myself included) and because Ronald no longer
had the Cool Sites hotlink direct access from Erols' Home Page - which had
brought most of us here from the beginning. Now - it is apparent the sheer genius
which went into this site will be overlooked by many. As you read this - please realize
this page is only part of a magnificent site with many dimensions, along with
wonderful entertainment.

After finishing this - go and visit the other pages contained herein.
Enjoy the brilliance, and the creativity which went into all you will find here.
And then bookmark it, and come back again and again, in order to
be presented with the new thought which will be continually posted here.
Look at the other sites within The New Wall itself, including The Joke Wall,
The Chatting Board, The Book of Writers, AND The Old Walls Number 1 thru 7
- which can be accessed from the top right-hand corner.

Go to the bottom of this page and press on Previous Postings ...
this will bring up everything which was posted from March 16th
to the date upon which Ronald transferred the site to his new server.
This page reflects only posts made since the transfer.

If you like poetry - there are some wonderful pieces posted here -
and I don't mean just mine. Initially, the concept contained here
laid out the welcome mat to some truly inventive genius, and they came -
en masse. ... If you have the time - read everything ... as much of it -
will open your mind.

If you came here to The New Wall just to read Tristram's work
(then please be aware much of it was a reflection of other posts -
some with good intent, and some with bad) - but all of it -
came from the heart.

Christopher W. Thomas
10:25am EST Tues 10/14/97