A Welcome to New Readers
Christopher W. Thomas (
Mon Oct 13, 1997 at 4:54PM

This site has been somewhat neglected in recent weeks.

I'm not sure why ... but it is apparent interest has waned.
There are many wonderful things to read on these pages.
There is also some which is not so - and perhaps this is why.

Ronald had some brilliant ideas when he conceived this site.
Some of us soon came to realize this, and returned again and again.
It is a tribute to him - so many made the choice to continue coming here.
Where they have all gone now is a mystery to me ....

Regardless of what has happened ... a reminder ... this site is still here.
It is still open to all comers. Anyone can post ... all you need do is enter.
Please feel free to use it as you will ...

Exchange ideas, humor, poetry, prose, conceptual images ...

Do it with taste ... and this will be reflected in future posts ...

Above all ... enjoy what you do ...

A friend of The Wall ....