Why, Thank You Kind SIr! <s>
Arliss P. SLudge (
Sat, Aug 2, 1997 at 5:33PM

Arliss wants Rrr to know that she thinks his Sweet Welcome is

a Lovely way to be greated once again at the Wall. She hopes that
all is well with him and his family. She also wants to encourage
Ronald to please return Rrr's children to his love and care since
he, Ronald IS now known to have at least three of his own "Alter
Ego" offspring in the Other Dimension. Rest assured Ronald that
they need your hand of expertise in all things technical where they
are because the computer is only JUST NOW being invented "over there".
Yes, she too was most AMAZED to find this, but hopes that they will
be guided by Ronald's All-Knowing Wisdom to use it in more lofty ways
than we here have chosen to do. are sorely needed to
SAVE A WORLD! Should you decide to undertake this formidable task, you
will be Richly Rewarded. If not, chances are they will eventually have
such developments as dating services, online opinion polls, and cyber...
S-E-X. ROANLD! You must NEVER let this come to be! Now GO! DO YOUR DUTY
TO ALL who are looking to YOU for their VERY SALVATION!!!..............
That,.....OR you COULD just flake out on your couch and watch the Sci Fi
Channel while porking out on chips, onion dip and Pepsi. Oh WELL........
either way, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!<G> And the Same to You Rrr! Blessings!

Arliss waves to All and <Winks!>

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