Diamonds in the Spring
Rrr505 (
Mon, July 28, 1997 at 9:47PM

day after day    over and over

i say i don't need you at all
night after night i'm lying there dreaming
haven't forgotten at all
why, tell me why, for so long you were waiting
wondering if i would come back at all
it's already too late you forgot about caring for me
or diamonds in the spring

rhyme after rhyme poem after poem
seeing your face in the lines
time after time ever forever
never quite leaving my mind
why were the kindest of words never spoken
so many good things forgotten to say
now it's too late you've already fogotten of me
and diamonds in the spring

place after place i look and i see you
everywhere that i go
pour me a drink that will drown out the memories
pretending i did not know
how is was blind not to see you next to me
pity a man when he's thrown love away
i know it's too late for me ever for caring again
for diamonds in the spring