Congratulations Ronald!
Arliss P. Sludge (
Thurs, July 24, 1997 at 2:38AM

Arliss wishes Ronald all the best and great success in his

fantastic and HIGHLY LUCRATIVE new job!!! She is so very happy
to discover that he is gainfully employed. She wishes that SHE
was as well! Oh WELL.....she realizes that her "calling" to "suffer"
as a "Starving Artist" is indeed a High and Lofty one and that she
is truly Priviledged to have it. She also realizes that "starving"
is NOT the worst thing that could happen to her, and reaches around
to pat herself on the back!!! She is Thrilled to be in such Illustrious
company as Vincent Van Gogh who himself never sold but ONE painting in
his entire lifetime. Arliss at one time had also sold one painting. Vincent
lived all alone and misunderstood in Arles for years. Arliss lives near her
Mother who has NEVER understood a single THING that Arliss has ever said.
Arliss also remembers that Vincent cut off part of his ear when the woman
he loved refused to return his affections. Arliss pierced her OWN ears when
her Mother refused to allow her to have them pierced as a young teenager.
Arliss remembers that Vincent went virtually insane from the frustrations
that he experienced due to not being able to make others see the value of
his work. Arliss experiences great frustrations when she tries to make people
understand what she is trying to say through typing on an AOL message board.
She realizes just how CLOSE to going insane that she feels when something she
says is misunderstood on one of those boards.......
Arliss shudders to think of the extrodinary coincidences that are becoming
clearer moment by moment and wonders.......does anyone suppose that this is
anything like the *AMAZING* Lincoln-Kennedy comparison of a few years ago?
Arliss thinks that Arliss thinks entirely too much.......<g>