The REAL Meaning of.....
Arliss P. Sludge (
Wed, July 23, 1997 at 8:29AM

Ah! But while anyone can look up the Definition of "Brackets",

only someone who truly LOVES them can ever *Really* Understand
Brackets.......They are perhaps the Most Vital of All Creations
with which we have to do. Indeed, Brackets may well prove to be
the Staple of Our Entire Civilization. Once you make Friends
with a Bracket, you have a Friend for Life! <Get It?> <Got It!>
<GOOD!> <G!!!>

Hey Rrr! Mom is still getting better! She's getting Fussy 'bout
bein' in the hospital! Now THAT'S Always a Good Sign!
Thanks for all the Good Thoughts! Blessings!

Arliss (who <winks!>)