Previous Postings
Ronald Trang (
Tues, July 22, 1997 at 7:25PM

The [Previous Postings] listing is now fixed. 

You can access all of the previous postings by
selecting the [Previous Postings] link at the
bottom of this wall.

I would also like to announce that there is a
plan for more "wall like" posting systems.

There seems to be different types of postings
going on and I would like to divide the postings
and categorize them a bit.

There will be a posting board for each of the
following categories:

1) Poetries and serious works
2) Jokes, Riddles, and Humorous Stories
3) Chatting Board for just plain silly messages

The orginial New Wall will be left the same for
any general postings, suggestions, information,
comments, compliments, and announcements.

If you have any suggestions, please post them on
the Wall for a discussion on the idea.

I would like to thank all of you for visiting the
New Wall and my new homepage.