HEY Rrr!!! GOOD NEWS!!!!
Arliss P. Sludge (
Mon, July 21, 1997 at 6:54PM

Arliss rushes back to the Wall for just a minute to tell her good

pal Rrr that her Mom is better! She still has a long way to go,
but the doctors are saying things that Arliss REALLY likes to
hear today....and they aren't even FLIRTING!!! *Grin*

Arliss thanks Rrr for his sweet thoughts and runs off to go back
to her Mom at the hospital. She shouts out "THANKS AND BLESSINGS!!!"
as she goes and turns just a second to *Wink*!!!

God Bless and Keep You All Well and Safe.......{{{{HUGS!}}}}