A Better Place
Christopher W. Thomas (Tristram) (
Fri, July 18, 1997 at 1:57AM

It is now more than two weeks since I last posted here

Giving some of you, I am sure - cause for good cheer
But others who are regular readers of Tristram's work
Can now turn to another site in order for you to perk

Up to the good thoughts which I have now kept coming
For just over four months whilst I've been strumming
Chords, and picking out tunes with gleeful harmony
About everything under the sun ... as well as summaries

Of things which have occasionally been happening here
As some of you did push me literally to verge of tears
Well ... now, the suggestions made have been so taken
And those who wish to read my work'll no longer be shaken

By ill-meaning people who have nothing better to do
Than throw around mud at others who have cooed
Their pretty songs with such elegance and emotion
That quite a large following has developed a potion

Which they can now use to anoint the Tristram site
Where now can be read good thought without blight
All you need do (I think) is click on the link above
Located in the regular e-mail slot and you'll love

The trip this jump will then directly take you on
As you enter a world where vulgarity is shunned
And the focus is on - only good poetic thought
A simple place with pics - where nothing is bought

And you can gaze at pretty backgrounds and graphics
While you read good poetic thought without traffic
And if you keep visiting periodically and often
Soon you'll even hear audio clips which'll soften

Your frazzled nerves which have been so put on end
By some of the nastier posters who just will not blend
For they've chosen not to read some of the better work
And have thus made limited assessments of me as a jerk

Well - to them I say "Come to my site if you don't wish
To scroll back and read the better work here - and dish
Yourself up a quite tasty treat - the cream of the crop
And at the same time - look at a decent site which just
won't stop ... "

- Tristram