Happy Song [Settling]
by Judybats

I wanted to make you happy,
but you wanna be happenin'--

Wanna see you happy again--

I know I got over-friendly,
you put me in a frenzy--

Wanna see you as my friend--

I said, you leavin loaded,
"You'd better off on your loansome,
hate to see you sink so low;
that little scene is sordid,
those people are less than sorry"
Hate to say I told you so--

Wanna see you smilin'--

Wanna see you, I do--

Wanna see you smilin' once again--

Gonna remind you - giving, forgiving, and all-forgetting,
I'm as good as you're gonna get--

Tell you a secret, baby: Maybe you can't do better--

Gonna settle for second best--

Gonna see you happy--

Wanna see you, I do--

Wanna see you happy once again--

I'm gonna make you crazy--

I'm good at craziness--

You're gonna make me crazy again--

We're gonna get over friendly,
I know I'm a little freaky--

Don't wanna see you as a friend.