Things Take Time

	They also serve who stand and wait
	and who have come to accept
	that things happen, in time, by themselves.

	Ecclesiastes calls it a season for everything,
	a time to live, a time to die;
	a time to love, and a time to hate.
	Dreamers wait for their time;
	princes wait for their turn.
	The universe is one giant clock that never fails
	nor falters to the last millisecond;
	comets arrive on schedule and the sun and the stars
	rise and set on the dot.

	The idea is to wait --
	wait for the summer, wait for the rain.
	Wait even when the waiting seems forever,
	because whatever is waited for always comes.
	It comes a little late now and then, but it comes.
	It is when people cannot wait
	that eternity slips off their hands.
	Things take time --
	a dream, a love, a newborn child.
	No time is ever lost in waiting,
	and nothing is ever gained without waiting.