by Ronald Trang

	Oh sleep, oh sleep.
	How I love to sleep.

	For sleep is the warm waves
	    washing over my body during the cold night.
	For sleep is sweet time shared
	    with that one and only girl.
	For sleep is a free ticket
	    to an expensive paradise vacation.
	Sleep is a reward.

	For sleep is a poor man's wealth,
	    and a starved man's meal.
	For sleep is a homeless man's home,
	    and a prisoner's freedom.
	For sleep is a diseased man's cure,
	    and a blind man's vision.
	Sleep is a miracle.

	For sleep is an escape
	    from the boredom of a professor's lecture.
	For sleep is the body's healing
	    after a long day's waking.
	For sleep is an E-school student's day off
	    from the torturous work load.
	I love to sleep.