Subject: Flows and Ebbings
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri Jan 14, 19100 at 8:27PM

Flows and Ebbings

Upon the whitened shore
The thick, snow-covered door
Leads to waves which now ebb
Throbbing up from the depths

For the icy cold temps below
Keep the water in constant flow
Mating with the warmth of the sun's rays
... An observation which does amaze

For, all around the edges of the lake
Ice has formed in ripples, like a snake
But just a scant two feet further in ...
Water rages - from the fire within ...

Conflicts of icy temps below
But the heat from the sun's bright bow
Causes the water to move so much ...
It doesn't have time to freeze to touch

As all of us are doing around here right now
Whilst icy winds blow across our face and brow
Freezing the breath emitting from our nose and our mouth
Making icicles of all the moisture we put out

And glassy spikes then form on all our coats
Pieces of glass adhere, below our throats
And as we walk on through the wind and cold
The glass gets brittle, snapping into rolls ...

And when we return, then, once again, into the warm
All of the ice that was, as our own body fluids, born
Turns back into runny moisture, almost at once
And we shrink into a puddle, from back to front ~

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
7pm Friday, Jan 14th, 2000