Subject: On the Prowl
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Jan 12, 19100 at 9:51PM

On the Prowl

Gliding along, with their wings up high ...
Two grown swans sail fast towards the five
Both males, and moving in for a connecting ...
Of the young female, the rest are protecting

The parents swim swiftly along behind the hen
As the two brothers - one on each of her sides - hem
So she's covered on all sides from an attack
As the two adult males follow, but keep well back

They know the parents can get really aggressive
Hissing and even snarling with beaks suggestive
A hint of the violence inherent in the adult birds
Particularly, when their angry warnings aren't heard

Whether it's swans, horses, or cats, or dogs, or people
We're all in families, and tend to want to keep 'em ...
So we protect other members in any way we can ...
And this gives us innate satisfaction, making our stand

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
6pm Wed. Jan. 12th, 2000