Subject: Buddy Tie 'm
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues Jan 11, 19100 at 10:37PM

Buddy Tie 'm

Wind blowing hard
Dogs yap in yards
Waves rippling fast
Storm didn't last ...

Neighbor dog follow'd
All through the hollow
A friendly spaniel pup
Buddy is always "up"

Stopped at beach ...
With one dog leashed
Sat on wooden chair
Stared way out there

Suddenly, Buddy jump'd
Right up on my front ...
Trying to lick my face
His weight against my space

Chair collapsed under
Dog and I both blunder
His force and my imbalance
Combined to mar talents

Picked up the broken pieces
Placed them in the bin neatly
Leashed my own dog, then ...
And called our new friend ...

Started to walk back uphill
Not seeing the desertion till ...
Looked back along the lane
Buddy was hiding in vain ...

Called and called him to come
But our new friend was numb
Found a phone cable lying there
Pulled it out from the weeds, spare

We walked back along the lane ...
Buddy saw us, and then he came
Attach'd the cable to his choke chain
Tied it in two places - not the same

Then we walked the rest of the way
Buddy, mine, and a twenty-foot stray
It was as though he was free to roam
But he couldn't wander on alone ...

Finally, we turned onto the street above
The two dogs, me ... and a cable, in glove
Made it halfway down the connecting road
Then a familiar car stopped near our toes

Buddy's mistress had come a-looking
Driving around in circles and cooking
... Up a storm about her missing pet
Not seeming to care I was his best bet

For, had I not attached him with cable
He could've been a target for cars unable
To stop ... and perhaps - lost his life
A friendly dog ... who's always so nice ...

I informed her I'd planned on driving him back
Just as soon as we made it to my chimney stack
Which would have happened in just a few minutes
But her excursion had shortcutted that finish

She'd been worried he may have gotten hit ...
So had driven around, searching for a bit ...
As she untied the phone cable from the chain
Turning to me, she tried to give back the rein

But I resisted, and showed her the end I held
Which had some ground stakes there impaled
I pointed them out, said they could be inserted
Into the ground in her yard, thus to short-circuit

Any wandering of her friendly pup in the future
For the cable was strong, and the stakes mature
So she wrapped the cable in a loop in her hands
And threw it in behind the dog - a very good plan ...

I waved, then, as she drove off down the road
Pleased I'd done a good deed, at my abode
Protecting a young pup from a potential disaster
Befriending him, and acting as a temporary master

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
9:35pm Tues. Jan. 11th, 2000