Subject: At Arm's Length
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon Jan 10, 19100 at 5:11PM

At Arm's Length

Sometimes, I feel you
When I'm sad and blue
I feel your Love's strength
Even - at arm's length

Your vibrations wake me
The sensations, stately
And I come on along ...
To the chirp of your song

For your love has awakened
And its strength is unmistaken
Taking me out of the sadness
To the very brink of madness

All because of my solitary state
Waiting so long for our ultimate fate ...
A half-year now has gone ...
Since our Love grew so strong

And I want so to be with you
Even tho' you're so imbued
With illness and incapacitation
And this just fuels all of my frustrations

For I may never realize the dream
As you are into a whole 'nother scene ...
A life that's so very complex
And a state of mind so vexed

That perhaps it's better not ...
To connect all of our dots
Allowing ebbing of all the strength
Residing now, only, at arm's length ~

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
2:10pm Mon. Jan. 10th, 2000