Subject: Getting Goosed ...
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon Jan 10, 19100 at 5:10PM

Getting Goosed ...

Getting goosed ...
Lost ... and loose
Sky is out ...
Too much doubt

Water beckons
Storm now reckons
To be a drencher
(But a thirst-quencher)

So - may as well
Join all the swells
- The fowl who dwell
In the lake's knells

The ducks, of course
Friends to the laws
Governing space ...
(They all have grace)

But, the swans around
Look graceful and sound
But share not with geese
For their space is leased

Since the geese have three
Places, they can be ...
On land - they can park
Whether light or dark

Making their so noisy sounds
Disturbing the peace around
Whether, in the air, or on ground
Canadian Geese don't astound ...

And, way up in the sky
They do their thing, high
But water's yet a third ...
Where they are not heard

For, down on water level
They intrude, and meddle
And so, they keep quiet ...
So other fowl won't try it

Particulary, the swans ...
With whom, geese don't get along
For, it's the other fowl's turf
Their pride, since their birth

Whilst swans and ducks
Can fly in nips and tucks
It's close above the water
And, for times, much shorter

On land - they're not long
Far shorter than any song
Just to pick up the pieces
Left by the other creatures

And - long enough to nest
To lay eggs for the next ...
Generation yet to come ...
The family unit, restrung

Making the lake the place
For ducks and swans to grace
But not at all for the geese
Who tend to do as they please

Whose natural habitat seems to be
Wherever it is they tend to feel free
On land, on water, or in the air ...
Wherever on earth they want to dare ...

So, when one sees the swans attack
Getting right on their very backs
One is most certainly perturbed ...
But now, their pride - is unearthed ~

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
1:50pm Mon. Jan. 10th, 2000