Subject: At the Suds and Duds
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sun Jan 9, 19100 at 11:49PM

Suds and Duds

Drove through town just a little while ago
Struck by the quiet, and the low show
... Of people, both in P. T. Barnum Square
And, well, virtually, everywhere ...

Talked to a guy bringing in his antiques
(Five years on the corner, and still not beat)
So many other stores there have folded
Most couldn't hack the red numbers, bolded

Including the shoe store on the corner
Eighty years, and now it is a yawner ...
"Going out of Business" signs on glass
No more nice comfy shoes for Bethel's brass

Shame ... as they were the only shop around here with some
Like Clarks' Wallabys - a winner, when all's said and done
Now, the empty store sits as a front for the skateboarders
The kids - being just about the only folks - out of orders

Except, further on down - where Greenwood meets South
Where most of Bethel seems to be - on this route ...
All of them either inside or hanging around in front
Of the Suds and Duds laundry ... the local place now to hunt! ~

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
11:25pm Sun. Jan. 9. 2000