Subject: It's a No-Shoe!!!
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat Jan 8, 19100 at 7:27PM

It's a No Shoe!!!

The square-toe lace-up Oxfords had seen better days
A hole had developed on right toe and stay'd
Letting water and snow come thru to soak toes
So, something needed to be done quick to close ...

A pair of red leather ski boots seemed the answer
But, after a few days of wearing, were no master
For arches ached, and blisters formed on toes
So, then it became time to seek another show

Hiking boots were acquired in fairly short shrift
Ones with abundant inside padding and huge lifts
But, now - after a few more days of long walks
My feet - to these shoes, too, are starting to balk

Even tho' the hiking boots are two sizes too big
The right toes and the left arch have done their jig
Leaving me wondering whether my feet are abnormal
And all the shoe manufacturers are right, and formal

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
6:30pm Sat. Jan. 8th, 2000