Subject: Duck Drill
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri Jan 7, 19100 at 7:48PM

Duck Drill

Fifteen ducks ... all lined up on a log ...
(A collapsed tree trunk caught in the bog)
Alternating males and females perched so still
Looking like a unit of soldiers at drill ...

Males manning both ends of the wood stump
Females crouched down, squatting on their rumps
The bright greens of the males glint in the sun
Whilst the all-brown dowdy females catch none

The proud cocks sit up on the log, straight as a die
With necks stretched taut and their beaks held high
Whilst the females cling close to the bark in their lay
Staying down very low and well out of harm's way

The ducks are a testament to the way of their world
But, in ours, the females are no longer just mere girls
... Looking up to their men-folk to hold watch on the log
As, in our world, males and females both do the same job ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
6:30pm Fri. Jan. 7th. 2000