Subject: My Love, Unshadowed
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs Jan 6, 19100 at 7:55PM

My Love, Unshadowed 

You wake my soul in the morning
You make my heart come a-calling
My pulse quickens so with the scent
Of your Love ... having given vent

For when you call at night
And wake me with a fright ...
My blood races in my veins
I'm aware you're in such pain

And I pray silently under my breath
That God does not yet seek your death
For HE does see you in your torment ...
And knows how hard you have fought your end

... In league with all those who surround ...
Who care so much and so profound
And want you so to be alright ...
They've all joined you in your fight ...

And now you sense that strength within
From the Love we have all pitched in ...
And the prayers we've all murmured
To make your heart clutch and turn it

Into a fuller life ... so worth fighting for
With new spirit on t'other side of the door
Love ... so much larger than you have ever known
Without shadows, and never again ... alone ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
7:30pm Thurs. Jan. 6th, 2000