Subject: An Intruder in the Midst
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Jan 5, 19100 at 4:10PM

An Intruder in the Midst

There used to be five swans, nesting on the lake
The parents, three offspring - one family make
Two of the kids are male and the other one's a gal
The last of three (the other two passed on, quite mal)

Today - there are six swans, in two separate groups
The two young males are floating alone - back-looped
Not old enough yet to have learned how to fly
And so they hang back in the main water's lie

But the parents and the female are all on t'other side of the floe
They had to've flown - even the female - so she's found the strength to toe
And the three family are all floating around wide apart
Whilst the intruder also keeps his distance, setting his mark

The bird is a male - who's flown in to upset the beat
For the intruder knows the young female's now in heat
And the parents are busily keeping the male at bay
Who's waiting for just the right moment to pounce on his prey

But they cannot stay alert for days or weeks at a time
So the intruder knows all he needs do is hold the line
And so, within weeks, there will be a mating, for sure
After which - the intruder will fly on to other shores

Leaving the parents to mind for the cygnets to come
And the two brothers will probably both help out some
Just the way it is with families in everyday life ...
All pitching in to help out, and thus, to lessen the strife

And, before that stage - we also parallel the swans
Trying to keep intruders where we think they belong
But life goes on, and no matter how hard we resist
There will always be - an "intruder" deep in the midst

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
2:20pm Wed Jan 5th, 2000