Subject: To Fly, or Not to Fly
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Jan 5, 19100 at 12:10PM

To Fly, or Not to Fly

All around us - people spread their wings
In order to reach out, and do other things
Some of us fly in peace on the feathers of doves
Others soar as hawks, swooping down from above

We, the people of this planet, are like the birds
All of us, in some way - wanting so to be heard
And so we crow, caw, chirp, warble, or cackle
Identifying with the birds and the lives they tackle

But all they need do is search to find their prey
In order to survive, and thus live for another day
For us - it's so much more complicated than that
As our lives are much more involved, yet - old hat

To some - who are bored by their own very existence
There's nothing doing ... by their very own insistence
But others watch the birds, and how they do their thing
And are infused by the vision so much,
their hearts sing

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
11:15am Wed Jan 5th 2000