Subject: Darling ... You Send Me
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Jan 5, 19100 at 12:06PM

Darling ... You Send Me

On Sunday night - you called me, full of life
To tell me about the parental visit, and the knife
... The invisible one they both held at each other's throats
The longer sword your Dad had hidden under his coat

It made you laugh to relay the whole scene to me
You sounded so relaxed, lively, and care-free ...
And so I let it go on - thought it was good for you
To be so wrapped up in their song, and not your blues

Now two days have gone by, without even a peep
And then you call again last night, tears to seep
I listened attentively to your so sad tale of woe
How your laughing had caused this stunning blow

And now I'm so sad your pneumonia has returned
Just because of the laughs encouraged by my burn
And so now I wonder if I'm doing you any good at all
Or is my Love making the two of us absolute fools?

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:50am Wed Jan 5th, 2000