Subject: So Many Intelligent Questions
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed Jan 5, 19100 at 12:05PM

So Many Intelligent Questions

Where were you when Grover died?
Were you at the taping, by his side?
Did you watch him bend over to tie his shoes?
And, if so - perhaps you were part of his blues

Fifty-six years is just way too young to die
In this day of miracle medical highs
There's just no need for a man to go
Just when bending on down to his toes

Were you a greater part of his picture?
Did you fall in love with his stature?
Did his life mean something to you?
You were at his home, heard his blues

The news hit on that day, loud and so strong
Since you'd been so full of him, and his song
A man you'd respected for his talent and repute
Something daily listeners heard - those who're astute

And now - Grover has left us, in his career prime
After just thirty years in the biz, making good time
Immediately after taping a national televison event
Which'll stand testament to his life in acetate cement

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:10pm Wed Jan. 5th, 2000

Grover Washington, Jr. died on Dec. 17th, 1999
(My own father died on December 18th, 1991)