Subject: One for Every Year
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat Jan 1, 19100 at 9:37PM

One for Every Year

Six months have now quickly pass'd ...
Words have been uttered
But few have become a task
As rhyme has stuttered

A Love stirred in my heart
Overwhelmed my other passion
My words thus flowed in parts
And none styled in a fashion ...

To make "The Written Word" come alive
And so, the songs played in other keys
As melodious tunes spoke in time
To heartbeats, drumming upon a breeze

And now - the time has come to again resume
To return to words engraved upon screen
As my newly-postured self ekes out the tunes
Wondering where on earth my soul had been

And, clearly, mapping out a plan for the new year
Finally, over the emotion, and all of those tears
To speak within four tight frames of reference here
... to cover just about all of my peers

And, something new - you will also now see ...
A mix of rhymed poems and verses, free
And some of those in the first category, will be
Alternately rhymed, the way Frost penned his trees

And there'll be closer attention paid to beat
For some have complained of a slight lack of heat
Preventing my words from melding or fusing
A goal whose sight others are always choosing

So look for new styles ... and count out the rhythm
Then tarry awhile ... and stare into the prism
Enjoy not only words to come in this new year
But also - all those past ones which have given cheer

For all of the work is still posted in the same place
Some of it has rebounded right off of this small space ...
But all of it did come into existence right here ...
Two thousand pieces ... one for each and every year ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
11am Friday, Dec. 31st, 1999