Subject: The Stand-out Show
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat Jan 1, 19100 at 9:34PM

The Stand-Out Show

Thank-you so much for your Love
It never ceases to amaze me ...
How much you have in your trough
And all of the kindness that you see ...

There's a wonder in your heart
Focus'd on all the good in me
And it connects all the parts
Even tho' you're not now at all free

... To be with me at this magic time
To share the bubbly, laughs, and smiles
To accompany me. and entwine ...
Loving arms, negating the miles

But you will do just that ...
Sometime in the coming year
Once we've cleaned up the mat
And you're over all your fear

And, when we're together, my Love
Holding each other - oh, so close
The stars will shine down from above
Each of them - giving us a toast

Dazzling us in the twenty-first ...
With light sent hundreds of years ago
Making us stand in awe and mirth
At the millennium's Stand-Out Show.

Welcome to the New Century ....

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
written at 6pm Thurs. Dec. 30th,1999