Subject: "The Futility of Blind Entrapment"
From: K. W. SilverMoon (
Date: Fri Oct 22, 1999 at 12:05AM

I live like a fish

in the back of a cave.

Fighting the elements
Attempting to save,

My meager existence
That's not worth a damn,

And yet nothing more
Than a fighter, I am.

I hope for no warmth
From the shimmering cold.

Although I can't see it,
I once was so told

That it glimmered around me
And made glitter bright.

Now in silence and darkness
I pretend that it's Flight.

Still, I know that my end
Will be surely at best,

The hopeless reward of
A wretched bequest.

I live like a blind fish
in the back of a cave,

Fighting, but knowing
There's nothing to save.

The End