Subject: A Poet for the Centuries
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Fri July 2, 1999 at 3:57PM

A Poet for the Centuries

On this very date in fifteen hundred and sixty-six
A poet and physician left the world as he found it
But, only after making several hundred prophecies
Written in four-line rhymed verses - quatrains, like these

Collected together and published as Centuries ...
Predictions thru to the end of the world are seen*
Which have been interpreted as accurate till now
For everything written has happened (quite a bow!)

But since most of it was prophesied in vague terms
The critics amongst us have balked, declaring them
Invalid ... and open to interpretation all the way thru
And thus, Nostradamus's life - must have been, too!

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:35am Friday, July 2nd, 1999

Born - Michel de Nostredeme, Saint Remi, France 1503
Died - Nostradamus, July 2nd, 1566 in Salon, France

Highpoints of his life:

Began medical practice in Montpelier in 1525
(He used innovative treatment methods, earning
a reputation as an especially gifted healer ...)

Began writing prophecies in Salon in 1550
Queen Catherine de Medicis, asked Nostradamus
to plot the astrological horoscopes of King Henry II
and each and every one of their children.

King Charles IX appointed him court physician - 1560

Henry II died of a head-wound sustained June 30th, 1559
... during a tournament celebrating the Treaty
of Cateau-Cambresis, and his daughter's marriage.

Nostradamus thus had one of his earliest prophesies
realized, as he had predicted Henry's death (and its
manner) in Centuries - published seven years earlier.

* The end of the world is predicted by Nostradamus
to happen in AD 3797 ...