Subject: The Two Bobs
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Wed June 30, 1999 at 10:20PM

The Two Bobs

Topping the birthday list today ...
Is a man who has now played ...
Two major roles in Hollywood ...
Performing and producing goods

Playing roles in a half-dozen or so
Before deciding to produce shows
Starting with Polanski's Chinatown
Then nine more before the next round

A film directed by its star Jack Nicholson
The Two Jakes was sequel to the other one
Parallelling The Big Sleep in many ways
And with a small part by Faye Dunaway

A film Evans co-produced with Harold Schneider
Also starring Harvey Keitel as the other Jake blighter
Along with Meg Tilly and of course ... Madeline Stowe
But a pre-watching of Chinatown is the preferred way to go

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
written 7:50pm Wed. 6/30/99
for the date - June 29th, 1999

The films of Bob Evans, Performer

1944 - Hey Rookie (Larry Parks)
1952 - Lydia Bailey (Dale Robertson)
1957 - Man of a Thousand Faces
(James Cagney played Lon Chaney)
1957 - The Sun Also Rises (Tyrone Power,
Mel Ferrer, Ava Gardner, Errol Flynn)
1957 - The Fiend Who Walked the West
(Hugh O'Brian) Evans co-starred as a psycho,
recreating the role played by Richard Widmark
in the original film of the story - Kiss of Death
1959 - The Best of Everything (Hope Lange,
Martha Hyer, Joan Crawford, Diane Baker,
Suzy Parker, Stephen Boyd, Brian Aherne,
Louis Jordan - the first female "boss" film)
1960 - Too Soon to Love (Nicholson)

1990 - Desperate Hours (Sir Anthony Hopkins,
Mickey Rourke, Kelly Lynch) ... a generic remake

The Films of Robert Evans, Producer

1974 - Chinatown (Nicholson, Huston)
1976 - Marathon Man (Dustin Hoffman,
Sir Laurence Olivier, Roy Scheider)
1977 - Black Sunday (Robert Shaw)
1980 - Popeye (R. Williams, S. Duvall)
1980 - Urban Cowboy (John Travolta,
Debra Winger/Scott Glenn/Barry Corbin)
1984 - The Cotton Club (Richard Gere)
1990 - The Two Jakes - Jack Nicholson,
Harvey Keitel, Frederic Forrest,
Ruben Blades, Eli Wallach, Richard Farnsworth
1993 - Sliver (Sharon Stone, William Baldwin,
Tom Berenger, Martin Landau)


Robert Evans' 69th

Ruthe Warrick's 84th
Ian Bannen's 71st
Gary Busey's 55th
Little Eva's 54th
Richard Lewis's 52nd
Fred Grandy's 51st
Ian Paice's 51st
Colin Hay's 46th
Maria Conchita Alonso's 42nd
Evelyn Champagne King's 39th
Amanda Donohoe's 37th
Stedman Pearson's 35th