Subject: The Day the Road Ended
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Mon June 28, 1999 at 4:48PM

The Day the Road Ended

On this date in nineteen hundred eighty-five
A road was declared invalid, and decertified
Originally, it had stretched halfway across the land
From Santa Monica, California, all the way inland

Ending up in Chicago, Illinois, at the Great Lakes
Some two thousand miles eastward, the road snaked
Winding its way through all the southwestern states
Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, then traipsed

North through Kansas, Missouri and then into Illinois
Heading directly to Chicago and all that city's joys
A journey encompassing eight states of the west ...
Stretching some two thousand miles - quite a test ...

But after the interstate highways were all finished ...
It was discovered Route Sixty-Six was so diminished
There wasn't enough left of it to make it a viable road
As it had been cut into pieces, and then left to erode

And so it was decided to nullify the route's existence
And declare it decertified, which means - no presence
Which - all who attempt to follow it, will soon know ...
As the road disappears into desert, covered with a show

... Of jackrabbits ... all scurrying and jumping about ...
Covering your car and making it impossible to get out
Unless you step hard on the pedal and say a prayer
Eventually, accelerating out from under their layer

And then ... you have to search hard for a valid road
For Route Sixty-Six, and its signs ... no longer glow ...
And, eventually, you must abandon your adherence
Taking another route ... just in order to keep steering ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
written at 1:15pm Mon. 6/28/99
for the date - June 27th, 1999