Subject: Opening the Two Doors
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs June 24, 1999 at 10:07PM

I'm Enery the Eighth, I am, I am

On this very day in fifteen hundred and nine
Henry the Eighth was crowned King, at a time
When England was still reeling from factions
Which had been warring since the reactions

From the usurping of Richard the Second ...
And the subsequent changes which beckoned
As the family and descendants of Edward the Third
Locked horns in a bitter power struggle to be heard

Creating a century of pretenders to the throne
Not fully resolved until the Tudors called it home
Starting with Henry the Seventh's marriage to a York
Which provided a continuity all of England bought ...

For she was the daughter of Edward the Fourth
Edward the Fifth's sister, and the niece of a York
... Richard the Third ... whose two years' reign
Was ill-begotten, for it took murder to attain ...

Held responsible for the deaths of Henry the Sixth
His brother Clarence, and Henry's son - Edward Fifth
Along with his two young nephews, also in line ...
And so Richard (it is said) also killed them, in time

Killed, himself, at Bosworth, by Henry of Richmond
Who then became the King of all of England ...
And, with Elizabeth of York, they begat Henry the Eighth
Who ruled England with an iron fist, lasting thirty-eight

During which time he cemented the Reformation
By creating an independent church in the nation
And enlarging the Royal Navy, making it invincible
Two of his greatest accomplishments, and that's not all

For, in spite of divorcing his first wife to marry her lady-in-waiting
And subsequently having her beheaded after charging her with cheating
She provided him with a daughter who'd be the first really great queen
The one who created the peace and tranquility of the Elizabethan scene

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
8:40pm Thurs. June 24th, 1999