Subject: The Apotheosis of a Wilder Man
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues June 22, 1999 at 11:22PM

The Apotheosis of A Wilder Man

Top birthday honors go to a Wilder man
Who's taken seven Oscars home to stand ...
Upon his mantel, with all his other awards
Including twice as many nominations scored

Most for writing and / or - directing his movies
A veritable cornucopia of virtuosity now proven
For his subject matter runs the gamut ... from
Farces, to stories so engrossing, you're numbed

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
10:10pm June 22nd, 1999

Billy Wilder's Oscar Nominations and Awards:

1939 - Ninotchka (for writing the screenplay)
1941 - Hold Back the Dawn (screenplay)
1941 - Ball of Fire (writing the original story)
1944 - Double Indemnity (screenplay & directing)
1945 - The Lost Weekend (screenplay & directing)
won the Oscars in both categories
1948 - A Foreign Affair (screenplay)
1950 - Sunset Boulevard (writing and directing)
won the Oscars in both writing categories
1953 - Stalag 17 (directing)
1954 - Sabrina (screenplay & directing)
1957 - Witness for the Prosecution (directing)
1959 - Some Like It Hot (screenplay & directing)
1960 - The Apartment (writing, directing, producing)
won the Oscars in all categories
1966 - The Fortune Cookie (writing)

1987 - Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award
(for lifetime achievement)


Billy Wilder's 93rd
Anne Morrow Lindbergh's 93rd
Bill Blass's 77th
Ralph Waite's 71st
Roy Drusky's 69th
Dianne Feinstein's 66th
Kris Kristofferson's 63rd
Ed Bradley's 58th
Michael Lerner's 58th
Brit Hume's 56th
Peter Asher's 55th
Klaus Maria Brandauer's 55th
Andrew Rubin's 53rd
Howard Kaylan's 52nd
David L. Lander's 52nd
Todd Rundgren's 51st
Meryl Streep's 50th
Alan Osmond's 50th
Lindsay Wagner's 50th
Graham Greene's 47th
Chris Lemmon's 45th
Garry Beers' 42nd
Bruce Campbell's 41st
Alan Anton's 40th
Tracy Pollan's 39th
Amy Brenneman's 35th
Mike Edwards' 35th
Paula Irvine's 31st
Steven Page's 29th