Subject: The Flight to Varennes
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sun June 20, 1999 at 11:30PM

The Flight to Varennes

Two years after Parisians razed the Bastille
The French King, Louis the Sixteenth did steal ...
Away - from his imprisonment at Tuileries Palace
Making his way to Austria, without any real malice

But after he and Marie Antoinette were headed off
At Varennes, and brought back to Paris ... scoffed
At the Revolution, and attempted to bring it down
Which is why it wouldn't be long before the crown

Would be dismissed, and also the wearer's head
For Louis the Sixteenth miscalculated the thread
Which tied him to the throne, believing he was above
... The attitude cost him dearly, as he was scrubbed

The downhill slide of Louis began at the time of the American Revolution ...
For he chose to provide financial aid to the Colonies to help with their solution
And in so doing, he depleted France's own treasury
A nasty situation ... resulting in his head severing ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
8:55pm Sun. June 20th, 1999

Notable Dates in the Life of Louis XVI

August 23rd, 1754 - born at Versailles
1765 - became Dauphin of France
1770 - married Marie Antoinette
1774 - crowned King of France
1776 - replaced Finance Minister
(Turgot resigned, Necker appointed)
1778-1781 - granted U.S. Financial Aid
1781 - replaced Finance Minister
(Necker resigned, de Calonne appointed)
1788 - replaced Finance Minister
(de Calonne resigned, Necker recalled)
1788 - Louis called for Estates-General
(essentially, relinquishing power to them)
July 14th, 1789 - The Bastille was mobbed
and Louis and his family were imprisoned
1791 - Louis swore allegiance to the Revolution
(however, he continued to plot against it)
1792 - National Convention declared a Republic
(Louis was then tried as a traitor and condemned)
January 21st, 1793 - Louis XVI was guillotined ....

Marie Antoinette met the same fate on Oct. 16th.