Subject: The High Court
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sat June 19, 1999 at 3:58PM

The High Court

Two landmark decisions were both made on this date
By the Supreme Court ... both overturned prior slates
One was a ruling preventing atheists holding office
If their positions were paid for out of state coffers

Which was overturned by the high court in sixty-one
And so now Maryland state bureaucrats can be one
Accepting their colleagues who've chosen not to pray
Which should really be an independent thing, anyway

And then in nineteen eighty-seven, the court struck
An even greater blow to the devout with much pluck
For it overturned a law on the books in Louisiana
Which required both kinds of teaching standards

For a while, evolution and creationism were taught
Side by side ... which cancelled out both thoughts
And probably created confusion in Cajun country
Where the Bayou and the Mississippi River run free

And now the children go through their schooling
With only the visions of ape ancestry enthralling
Unless they're also part of the church congregation
Within whose sphere is belief in a higher creation

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
2:30pm Sat. June 18th, 1999