Subject: Mandy at the Paradise Cafe
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs June 17, 1999 at 2:10PM

Mandy at the Paradise Cafe

Today's lead birthday is a man well-loved
Who sings ballads and plays piano in clubs
Barry Manilow is the singer who still wows
And after long sets ... takes several bows

He's joined by a Saturday Night Live alumnus
Joe Piscopo is the comedian who's plumbed us
With a light cheery attitude and a wonderful smile
Which is all it takes to win the crowd by miles ...

As has another colleague - Mark Linn-Baker ...
An actor with a flair for comedy which takes us
Beyond the usual established routine in a sitcom
And provides us with a freshness never overdone

And then there's also Dan Jensen - speed skater
An Olympic Gold Medalist who's been quite effective
Winning several of those pined-after symbols ...
Which also represent the very best of goodwill ...

So we wish them all the very best on this - their special day
For they've all given us many enjoyable moments, in their way
Each one providing entertainment so very unique
With memories which will never ever be bleak ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
12 noon June 17th, 1999

Barry Manilow's 53rd
Joe Piscopo's 48th
Mark Linn-Baker's 45th
Dan Jensen's 34th


Peter Lupus's 67th
Greg Kinnear's 35th
Jason Patric's 33rd
Kevin Thornton's 30th

Mandy is Manilow's #1 hit single.
At the Paradise Cafe - is his best
received album by the critics ...
a wonderful blend of blues,
ballads and soft intimate jazz.