Subject: The Comeback King
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs June 17, 1999 at 1:59PM

The Comeback King

On this date in nineteen hundred and fifty-five
A president was excommunicated (yet, thrived)
For the part he took - in leading the uprisings ...
Which brought him to power and a virtual king

Juan Domingo Peron of Argentina is the man
Who shook the government with his stands
On four different occasions over forty years
Peron managed to turn the country on its ears

Beginning in nineteen thirty, when he led revolt
And then became Minister of War after the tumult
After which he became a military attache to Chile
And published five books all on military history ...

And then, in nineteen forty-three - staged another
Turning over government with his Fascist brothers
And then became Minister of Labor, and of War
Then adding the post Vice-President, before forced ...

To give them all up ... for he was then imprisoned
Which was reversed by supporters who intervened
And then he was elected President after the War
A position he would hold for nine long years more

Until the damaging motion by Pope Pius the Twelfth
Weakened his position, causing the ousting dealt ...
But he'd come back from exile eighteen years later
And was elected once again as chief administrator

With his third wife, Isabel, as his able Vice-President
Peron finally won his office without any of the dissent
Which had colored his earlier terms in Argentina ...
When folks there had been so very much meaner ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
written 10:22am Thurs. 6/17/99
for the date - June 16th, 1999

Peron resigned as V.P. on October 9th, 1945.
He was released from prison on Oct. 17th.
Four days later, he married Eva Duarte -
the famed Evita Peron, who died in 1952.


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