Subject: Cousin to the Queen
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Thurs June 17, 1999 at 1:56PM

Cousin to the Queen

Twenty years before Elizabeth had her beheaded
Mary, Queen of Scots, was imprisoned, unsteadied
By the lost attempt to retain the throne at Carberry
Resulting in her abdication in favor of her son Jimmy

But, one year later she would escape Lochleven
And assemble a six-thousand-man-army together
Even so, it was defeated at Langside, near Glasgow
So she abandoned Scotland, and began a new show

Entreating her cousin, Elizabeth, to help get it back
But Elizabeth had her imprisoned, fearing her attack
And even from her prison cell, Mary hatched a plan
To assassinate Elizabeth, befriending her page-man

And so, Mary was brought to trial in fifteen eighty-six
Sentenced to death, and then awaited the axe-pick
For another three months as her cousin contemplated
Having her own cousin executed - an act she hated

But Mary had become such a pest and thorn in the side
Even the regal Queen Elizabeth the First had enough pride
To know her country united was more important than her blood ties
And so, she signed the warrant of execution with tears in her eyes

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
written 9:30am Thurs. 6/17/99
for the date June 16th, 1999

Mary, Queen of Scots was imprisoned at Lockleven
on this date in 1567. She escaped on May 2nd, 1568.
Ten days later, her army was defeated, and she went
to England, where Elizabeth the First imprisoned her.
She was sentenced to death on October 25th, 1586.
Elizabeth signed the warrant on February 1st, 1587.
Mary was beheaded one week later.

Mary was the daughter of James V, who was the son of Margaret,
Henry the VIII's sister, who married James IV. (Henry VIII was father
to Elizabeth I thru his marriage to Anne Boleyn - his second wife.)