Subject: Under God ...
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Tues June 15, 1999 at 6:51PM

Under God ...

On this very date in nineteen fifty-four
President Eisenhower signed into law
An order adding two words to a pledge
That every American states without hedge

When they proclaim an oath of allegiance
With hand on heart, and eyes - in obedience
Focused clearly on - The Stars and Stripes* ...
(The other name for Old Glory, but more ripe)

The words added form a phrase so clear ...
Which proclaim we are Under God (so dear)
For it acknowledges there is a supremeness
Which governs our thoughts, and our dress

And gives us a sense of what's right and wrong
Something everyone on earth needs to get along
And knowing we are one nation - and - Under God
Gives us an inate sense of pride in the land trod ...

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
written 4:20pm Tues. 6/15/99
for the date - June 14th, 1999

It was also upon this date in 1777 ...
when The Continental Congress in Philadelphia -
adopted The Stars and Stripes as the national flag.


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