Subject: This Was Your Life ...
From: Christopher W. Thomas (
Date: Sun June 13, 1999 at 3:20PM

This Was Your Life ...

On top of the birthday list today ...
Is Ralph Edwards - who played ...
Host to a television show which honored
Folks whose lives were thrust upon us

And Malcolm McDowell - a British actor
Who has played some parts reactive ...
Most notably - Alex in a Clockwork Orange
In a film by Stanley Kubrick - just a bit strange

For it took the work of Anthony Burgess
And brought it to life without making a mess ...
A difficult chore for any movie director
For many tend to lose the perspective

And Dennis Locorriere - who plays the ragtime blues
Better known as Doctor Hook ... a man who can't lose
For he's made an inroad into the musical scene
With a novel approach that's in no way green

And Bobby Freeman - an R and B singer
Bettina Bunge, a women's tennis bringer
And a few actresses and an actor or two
Including Ally Sheedy and Tim Allen, too

Both've given memorable performances
Some of Ally's were in films enormous, as ...
War Games and also St. Elmo's Fire
and Breakfast Club and Short Circuit are

The most (and best) remembered here
But other films have also brought cheer
Especially Twice in a Lifetime and Betsy's Wedding ...
A couple of social statements to do with love and bedding

And then there's Richard Thomas and Jonathan Hogan
Both the same age and celebrating the day with a slogan
Something like Happy Birthday to You
And all of the other folks who have it too

- Tristram

Christopher W. Thomas
12:15pm Sun. June 13th, 1999


Ralph Edwards' 86th
Bobby Freeman's 59th
Malcom McDowell's 56th
Doctor Hook's 50th
Richard Thomas's 48th
Jonathan Hogan's 48th
Tim Allen's 46th
Ally Sheedy's 37th
Bettina Bunge's 36th

Deniece Pearson's 31st
Jamie Walters' 30th
Ethan Embry's 21st
Sarah Schaub's 16th